Iceland Adventure | Day 7 – Reykjavik & Airbnb

<<< Read Day 6 if you missed it!

Our final day in Iceland wasn’t very exciting. We had planned a few things, starting out with a visit to the Blue Lagoon. I had been there before, but Dave hadn’t and he was very interested in experiencing one of Iceland’s most famous attractions. Unfortunately, the weather was horrible, even for a steamy dip in a big blue geo-thermally heated pool. The wind was pretty extreme, slamming large drops of rain sideways onto our faces, so I didn’t think it would be a very pleasant experience. If it were cheap, it may have been worth a shot, but at $48 per person, I didn’t want to throw away our money just to be miserable.

Instead we decided to head straight in to Reykjavik, since the weather also prevented us from doing any other outdoor activities. We explored Reykjavik separately for a bit, because Dave wanted to visit a museum and I just wanted to walk around. Wandering the streets in wind and rain is not much fun though, so it didn’t last long for me.

Once we reconvened, we decided to return our faithful Happy Camper in exchange for our warm, dry Airbnb rental. I’m in love with Airbnb and VRBO as options for vacation rentals. They offer unique places to stay which can’t compare to most hotels, and they often beat the price of one. You can sometimes even find the same rentals via other sites if you look carefully! Agoda is a great one to try, and booking through the ad below will help support this site! :)

This rental through Airbnb was run by Ragnhildur, a charming woman who lives upstairs. She offers the entire downstairs apartment for rent. It was cozy and warm, a perfect place for us to unwind after our strenuous trip. It was also within easy walking distance of Reykjavik’s bustling downtown. So after settling in for a bit, we headed off for dinner and a stroll since the weather had improved slightly.

Reykjavik downtown stroll

An Instagram of Reykjavik’s interesting architecture.

Dave was tempted by the unusual meat offerings on posted restaurant menus, like horse and whale, but I am not so adventurous with my meats. A little disappointed, he agreed to go somewhere that offered something I could eat while staying within our budget. Not an easy task in Reykjavik, but we managed to find a decent place. I had Chard, a kind of trout that reminded me enough of Salmon to make me pretty happy. Dave had a burger, his third one in three nights. Sorry, no photos. I tend to eat before I think of shooting food. :)

Goodbye Iceland

Goodbye Iceland! :(

After strolling about for a little while, we went back to our comfortable rental and went to bed as early as possible for our 3:30am wake up time. The bus was sent to pick us up very early, so that we could arrive at the airport in time for our 7:35am flight to Oslo, Norway.

And so our Iceland adventure ends here. Stay tuned for more about our visit to Oslo!

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