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Exploring transportation options in New Orleans

If you are visiting New Orleans and staying close to or within the city, your best bet is to do anything but drive

New Orleans Day Trip #3: Avery Island

As I’ve mentioned in other posts, when you’re visiting New Orleans, don’t bother with a car

The unexpected delights of our Cajun Encounters Swamp Tour

Before planning this trip to Louisiana, I had only a vague idea of what to expect: the lively city of New Orleans,

Part 2: Only one day to visit New Orleans? What to do?

Only one day to visit New Orleans? There is so much you can do in just one day when visiting New Orleans, that I

Part 1: Only one day to visit New Orleans? What to do?

What to do with just one day in NOLA? Dave and I spent about a week exploring New Orleans and the surrounding

Visiting Cemeteries in New Orleans

Before planning this trip, I had no idea that visiting cemeteries in New Orleans would be at the top of my list

New Orleans Day Trip #2: Oak Alley Plantation

Staying in New Orleans for such a short time meant that we had to plan some day trips outside of the city. While I

New Orleans day trip #1: Mississippi Gulf Coast

Visiting New Orleans for just over a week meant packing a lot into our itinerary. Short trips are definitely not

Algiers Point – A quiet haven minutes away from New Orleans

Algiers Point,  New Orleans Algiers Point seems like a world away from the thriving heart of New Orleans, but

Visiting New Orleans, the city of indulgence

Easy access to fun The thing that I realized very quickly while visiting New Orleans is that it is a city of