Iceland travel photography highlights

As you well know by now, travel photography is my thing, especially landscapes. Iceland is not lacking in scenic vistas. Its treeless terrain seems to be made for panoramic photography, often providing 360 degree views in many places just off of the Ring Road. I wonder if they knew that when they chopped down all the trees?

Below you will find a gallery of my Iceland travel photography highlights, many of which haven’t been published online yet, so there are definitely new ones to see. If you have any questions about where any of these were taken or how I shot them, please send me an email or a comment! You can also have a look at the blog post for each day of our Iceland road trip, which may provide the information you’re looking for.

Before we get to those, here is a little piece of advice for you aspiring travel photographers out there…

I recommend either traveling independently, with other photographers, or setting your photo-taking expectations lower if you are traveling with loved ones. My non-photographer boyfriend joined me for this trip to Iceland, so I knew that I couldn’t spend as much time taking pictures as I might do when traveling alone. The limitations of traveling without the sole purpose of capturing photos means that the light can’t always be perfect, you can’t wait for the weather to improve, and sometimes you show up late to a place that you really really wanted to capture at a certain time. For example, when you get stuck in the snow just before sunset. Have I already mentioned how annoyed I was about that? Anyway, my point is that traveling with a non-photographer partner means that you have to sacrifice some of those shots that you had been planning in order to enjoy the trip together. That is unless your partner is extremely generous and has the patience of a Saint.

Now on to the photos! Enjoy!



Iceland Travel Photography Highlights | Tracie TravelsIceland Travel Photography Highlights | Tracie Travels



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