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—Jen & Tracie Go is no longer active. However, since going offline, I’ve been re-publishing those posts here on Tracie Travels! Checkout the “From Jen & Tracie Go” category  to see those! —

I’m so excited to announce that I now have a partner blog with Jen and Tracie Go! This has been a team effort for my friend, Jen Richards, and I.

We wanted to start a travel blog that focuses on the more offbeat destinations and things to do. We also wanted a place to share such offbeat experiences in and around our home town of Seattle, for those wanting to travel to the area.

Since Tracie Travels and Jen and Tracie Go are partner travel blogs, some of the content and contact information will be shared between the two. For instance, I will share some of Jen and Tracie Go posts here, and things like my Facebook Page will have content from both blogs. I hope you will subscribe over there and tell me what you think of our newest venture! Our latest post is on travel to Antarctica! And, as always, comments are welcome.

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