5 Photos to inspire you to…

…wait for it. It’s coming after the usual series description…

5 Photos Friday!

I like the idea of inspiring people to travel through photography, and I have plenty of inspiring photos from my travels. 5 photos Friday is a way for me to collect a few nice photos and share them under one travel relevant topic, via a short and sweet blog post. You can look forward to it every Friday! At least that’s the plan!

…follow me on Instagram! ;)

I know, that’s pretty cheeky. But I’ve waited too long to think about my 5 Photos Friday post for this week and I had to come up with something. If I’m going to skip a week here and there, I’d rather not start until I’m a few more consistent posts in!

The post description above is an important reminder that this series is meant to serve as travel inspiration. And my Instagram account is 100% devoted to travel inspiration through photography and only photography. So maybe this post isn’t as cheeky as I originally thought. :)

I was many years too late joining the Instagram club, but here is a collection of my most loved Instagram posts. You can find @tracietravels on Instagram by clicking any photo.


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