A cozy Big Island retreat near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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Two big trends in accommodation have come together in the form of Glamping Hub. Have you heard of it? It’s vacation rentals by owners combined with luxury camping, but it’s really more than that. Yes, Glamping Hub has tents, tipis, yurts, and campervans, but the accommodations can range from treehouses to castles, common homes to sailboats! It’s fun to discover all of the options that are out there in almost any part of the world!

My Big Island Retreat

Hawaii’s biggest island, aptly referred to as the Big Island (also known as Hawai’i Island or the Island of Hawai’i), is home to a diverse collection of wonders and opportunities for adventure. I was there to photograph a wedding and then explore some adventures that I had missed on my first visit years ago. I was most excited about getting acquainted with the volcanoes that Hawai’i Island is best known for and I knew that Hawaii Volcanoes National Park would be a great place to start. I used Glamping Hub’s map feature to find a rental that gave me the peace and quiet I sought while being located near enough to the National Park.

I settled on the perfect place, Glamping Hub’s eco-friendly cabin rental, “Hale Aloha Aina” (house of the loving land). This modern home turned out to be exactly what I needed at that point in my trip. Up until I arrived, I had been exhausting myself with travel and photography work, not to mention very little sleep. The cabin was a welcome retreat for me and a place to finally get some rest. When I awoke there the first morning, I wanted to hang out there all day. And that’s really saying something, considering that I am big on doing as much as possible on a trip and spending very little time relaxing. This place was made for relaxing though, so I made sure to squeeze in a little down time there.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-17

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-13

The location

Hale Aloha Aina is down a long country road, isolated from the few neighbors that share the road. From the road, a gated driveway takes you even deeper into 8 acres of beautifully landscaped property. The cabin sits in the middle of a perfectly manicured lawn, partly framed by colorful tropical plants and gorgeous trees beyond. It’s secluded location is really what makes the cabin a perfect Big Island retreat, but it is still just close enough to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and the main highway to make it convenient as well. I had just enough time to visit the National Park (photos of that to come in a later post!) and a nearby black sand beach known for its sea turtles.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-2

Hale Aloha Aina from the back yard.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-19

The country road leading to the cabin.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-18

Neighbor horses that were not particularly interested in being photographed.

Lily pond at Punalu

Lily pond at Punalu’u Black Sand Beach, about 20 minutes from the cabin. I came for the sea turtles, but I especially enjoyed the pond.

The exterior

This rental is ideal for a solo traveler or a romantic getaway with your partner. The property is open enough to let you feel the wide open space around you, yet the lush green perimeter gives you privacy. Not that there is anyone very nearby anyway!

The house and grounds are well kept, clearly well-loved by owners and caretakers. It’s easy to imagine whiling away sleepy afternoons lounging on the back deck and admiring the view. On the morning that I left I caught a glimpse of the rising sun and I regretted never having an opportunity to sip coffee there in the morning.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-10

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-20

Sunrise as I loaded up the car to leave. :(

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-11Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-16

The Interior

I did however have plenty of time to enjoy the cheerful interior. The cottage has a clean, modern design. It may appear small from the outside, but the inside is spacious full of windows to provide plenty of natural light. It has one bedroom, a living room, a fully supplied kitchen, a bathroom, and a laundry room. The interior is tastefully decorated in a Euro-Asian style, but I noticed some Hawaiian touches as well. The little tchotchke here and there were enough to make it feel especially homey and welcoming, but not so much that it felt overdone or cluttered.

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-23

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-7Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-8Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-4Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-22Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-9

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-14Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-12Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-15

Why I loved it

I absolutely adored this place! It was cheerful and cozy all at the same time. It was spotless and well taken care of. These are all things that I appreciate in a place to stay, but it was the little things that really solidified my love for this cabin.

First of all, this was the ONLY place I got a decent night sleep. The bed was comfy, the temperature was perfect (no fan needed here), and there were no overly noisy frogs! I imagined that there would be many loud nocturnal critters in this country setting, but the only ones I heard were far off in the distance and they didn’t bother me. Even if they were closer, closing the windows would have been an easy solution.

The place was well stocked for everything imaginable. This is something I always appreciate from thoughtful owners. There were things to make you feel at home, like robes and a selection of movies and music. Practical things were also supplied, like sunblock and island guides. There were even snorkels and bikes that I could have used. My hosts made sure to provide as many supplies and as much information as I could possibly need.Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-26

The little details were the cherry on top. I was immediately impressed by the sweet floral aroma as I entered the cottage. Despite my fatigue from a long day of activity and driving, it was a flower’s scent that I always associate with Hawaii that made me feel so immediately comfortable there. I discovered multiple fresh floral arrangements around the cabin that just filled the air with that sweet Hawaiian aroma. The fresh fruit left on the table and wooden chimes out back were other little touches that added to my overall enjoyment of the place.Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-24Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-28

I always enjoy eco-friendly accommodations, so this was a bonus for me. The cottage is off-the-grid, powered by solar energy. Some of the appliances are run on propane, including the water heater. The shower takes a while to get the perfect temperature, but once I got it right, I was happy to be in there right next to (and protected from) nature! Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-25

I hope to go back!

The entire home was the picture of charm, from the outside in. I would love to have a reason to go back to my Big Island retreat, but next time I’d like to go with Dave. It’s too special not to share the experience with someone! It would be nice to pretend that we live on Hawai’i Island for a little while. :)

Glamping Hub Big Island Hale Aloha Aina cabin-3


*As always, all opinions and photos are my own and based on my experiences. Glamping Hub hosted me here, but I was not financially compensated for this post.


Hawaii Glamping Hub cabin on the Big Island

  • Mar Pages - I wouldn’t have expected plates with Chinese characters as decoration in an Hawaiian home, that was a nice surprise! It does look extremely cosy. :)ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - There are definitely some nice Asian touches to the decor. It was super cozy! :)ReplyCancel

  • Chris - What a cute little place.

    I’m especially impressed that it is running primarily on solar energy :-)ReplyCancel

  • Vyjay - That is a lovely place indeed. Hawaii, the name is enough to evoke a million fantasies of serene beaches and islands that look and feel like Paradise. The Cabin is really something special. It looks so beautiful and has all the amenities one can ask for.ReplyCancel

  • Christina Guan - I’d never heard of Glamping Hub before this but what a neat concept! Loved all the photos in this post :) The place looks so cozy! Perfect for a romantic getaway like you said haha. I hope you get to go back and experience it with Dave sometime soon!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks, Christina! Me too! It was nice to have some solo time though. I didn’t mind having the place to myself! ;)ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea - That place looks like paradise on earth! So secluded and peaceful :)ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Yes, Chelsea! And it was a paradise that I pretended belonged to me… for a short time at least.ReplyCancel

  • Mary - A Mary Road - Hawaii always had this unique charm that attracts everyone from all over the world. Definitely a great place to go for a retreat <3ReplyCancel

  • Missy Powell - Tracie did a wonderful job expressing Hale Aloha Ainas true nature! House of the loving land is situated on eight acres of meandering paths and fruit trees. It is the ultimate in privacy for intimacy and connection with Mother Nature!
    This place is so special it was meant to be shared! Ask about our discounted winter rates! Mahalo Tracie! Hope you return soon!ReplyCancel

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