A weekend at the Leavenworth Tiny House Village

Dave and I took a weekend trip to the Leavenworth Tiny House Village. It truly was a tiny vacation in all aspects. The drive from home was relatively short – just under 2 hours to the Tiny House Village in Leavenworth. We’d already been to the area many times, so there was no need to rush around seeing as much as possible during our limited time. We had our little dog with us, still a pup who tires out quickly, so we had to take things easy. And, of course, the tiny house village was a little slice of heaven, our home away from home for just a couple of days.

Leavenworth Tiny House Village

Petite Retreats offers unique accommodations around the United States, including many tiny houses like the ones in Leavenworth. I’ve actually stayed right next to their Mt. Hood Tiny House Village in a similarly tiny house (not affiliated with Petite Retreats), but that was the extent of my experience with tiny houses until recently. I was looking forward to actually staying inside one of theirs, at the Leavenworth Tiny House Village.

Like the Mt. Hood Tiny House Village, the Leavenworth Tiny House Village is stationed inside a campground. In this case, the campground was Thousand Trails, one of the nicer campgrounds I’ve stayed at. It was well taken care of and had plenty of great amenities, including mini golf, a volleyball court, and a pool among other things. We enjoyed walking the grounds during the quiet shoulder season at the end of April.

The Leavenworth Tiny House Village was as cute as can be, nestled between towering evergreen trees and an open field right next to a pretty pond. Tree covered hillsides surround this pretty valley of the Wenatchee National Forest, just outside of the community of Plain, Washington, and only 30 minutes from downtown Leavenworth.

The #Leavenworth Tiny House Village was as cute as can be, nestled between towering evergreen trees and an open field right next to a pretty pond. Click To Tweet

Leavenworth Tiny House VillageLeavenworth Tiny House

Seen throughout Leavenworth and the surrounding area, the Bavarian style of half-timbered framing and open wooden shutters translated perfectly to these mini versions of Bavarian homes. Even the font on the signs was consistent with the Bavarian theme that makes Leavenworth famous. With the five brightly colored tiny houses lined up amidst the trees, the scene couldn’t have been more picturesque!

Wenatchee National Forest Tiny House VillageLeavenworth tiny house village reflection-1

The common area provided easy access to the pond and a designated fire-pit, meant just for the tiny houses. Each house included it’s own parking space, a picnic table, and a grill. Dave being a grill master and me being a bit of a pyro, we took full advantage of all of our amenities!

Wenatchee National Forest Tiny House VillageLeavenworth Tiny House amenities

Our tiny house

Our particular tiny house was given the name Otto, meaning Modest Leader. Otto was designated as the only dog-friendly tiny house, so we were excited to take Chex on his first trip when given the chance to stay there! He was confused at first about what was happening, but took to his temporary home quickly once he got comfortable.

Leavenworth tiny house Otto

Tiny House in Leavenworth Even though these tiny houses are relatively new, Otto was still nicer inside than I would have expected for any home in the woods. The walls were tightly fitted to the ceiling and floor, with no obvious gaps or holes to the outside for little woodland buggies to crawl through. This was immediately obvious to me, someone who takes note of where the spiders might get through! The structure was solid and cleverly designed, put together with an Ikea-like precision that most cabins lack.

The walls and ceiling were a beautiful raw pine, which left the place with a lovely scent of fresh wood. The floor was a darker wood veneer, fitting in with the overall design, while suitable for heavy foot traffic… and doggy feet. I thought that the orange and navy blue decor was well chosen to compliment with all the warm wood.

Wenatchee National Forest Tiny House interior

Adventure signs in tiny house

Inspirational decor that I wish I had in my own house!

dog-friendly tiny house in Leavenworth, WA

Chex was my pint-sized model for the small space, also fitting well with the color scheme.

With trendy accommodations like tiny houses, sometimes there is so much focus on the look of the place, that other important things are forgotten. However, in Otto, it was clear that a lot of thought was given to those details, from the easy check-in process to the ultra-soft blankets. Plenty of screened windows were available to let in light and cool air, with the option to cover every single little window with a curtain. That’s important for someone who likes a dark sleeping environment!

We had efficient heating and plenty of extra blankets, pillows, and towels. Hooks folded down from the wall to hang our jackets and a tiny table was set up next to the bed. There was even a bone-shaped boot tray that I first thought was meant to be a place for dog food. We ended up using it for both our shoes and Chex’s food. :D All I could have asked for was stair treads for socked feet and clumsy paws.

tiny house details

Chex in tiny house

So, just how tiny is a tiny house?

If you’ve ever been in a mobile home, you know that they can look very, um… mobile-homey inside to accommodate for the small space. And while RVs and the like have their own kind of charm, tiny houses are very different. Technically they can be mobile, but they feel more like a little house, or in this case, a tiny cabin.

With no concept of space in terms of numbers, it’s easier for me to explain how comfortable that space was for us. There was plenty of room for a game of fetch or tug, which is important to Chex. And, of course, little naps too.

dog-friendly tiny house in Leavenworth, WA

Chex sleeping in tiny house

There were three beds, a surprising number for the space – a queen and full bed upstairs and a fold out couch/bed downstairs. Sufficient room for one to escape another’s snoring, for example! ;)

tiny house bed loftTiny House bed in Leavenworth

We had a well-equipped kitchen with a sink, stove, and decent sized refrigerator. There was a nook with table and stools for us to work on our laptops, eat, or have coffee while enjoying the view. The living area provided a tv hung on the wall, a little table, couch and chair. The bathroom allowed room for a comfortably sized shower (I’ve known smaller showers in my cruise ship days!), a modern toilet, and a mini sink and mirror.

tiny house kitchendog-friendly tiny house interiortiny house bathroom


The area

Our Tiny House Village was well located for us – a little off-the-beaten-path from the touristy bits of Leavenworth, but not so isolated that we couldn’t quickly grab a morning coffee or groceries for grilling. We visited the tiny cluster of businesses in the community of Plain to get everything we needed… and wanted. Plain Hardware offered excellent mochas, fun souvenirs, and more. The Old Mill Cafe next door provided us with breakfast each morning. And Just Plain Grocery on the other side had all the fixin’s for our dinner.

There are also plenty of outdoor activities in Leavenworth to keep you busy in any season. Fishing, tubing, rafting, and hiking during the warmer months. Snowshoeing, snowmobiling, sledding, and skiing in the winter. Nordic ski trails are plentiful, and it’s worth mentioning that Plain Valley Nordic Trails (run by Plain Hardware) offer trails that are directly accessible right outside of the Leavenworth Tiny House Village. Imagine beginning your cross country ski adventure from your front door!

Lake Wenatchee State Park is also very close, so we decided to check that out since we had never been. This was a great place to explore while providing Chex with his daily exercise. We hiked a few easy trails through the woods on the south side of the lake before returning to the picturesque lake front for some photos. We ended that day with grilled steak and potatoes and a campfire back at the tiny house village.

Lake Wenatchee

campfire at Leavenworth Tiny House Village

And of course, no visit to the area is complete without at least stopping in at downtown Leavenworth. Since we had been many times before, we decided to take a short stroll down the main streets to see if there were any new shops or places to pop in. We also took Chex for a walk along the pretty Waterfront Park which was just starting to show some spring color. We discovered that several restaurants in Leavenworth offered dog-friendly outdoor seating, so we stopped for lunch at Ducks and Drakes before making our way back home.

Leavenworth sidewalk view

Final thoughts

The Leavenworth Tiny House Village provided an idyllic mini vacation for us. In the mountains, amongst the trees, in cute Bavarian-inspired Leavenworth, our tiny house gave us a unique experience with huge amounts of charm. I would be delighted to stay there again!

In the mountains, amongst the trees, in cute Bavarian-inspired #Leavenworth , our #tinyhouse gave us a unique experience with huge amounts of charm. Click To Tweet

Leavenworth Tiny House Village

*Thank you to Petite Retreats and Thousand Trails for sponsoring our stay for the weekend. As always, all opinions are my own. All photos are my own unless otherwise noted.*

  • Ryan Biddulph - Awesome Tracie! Love these little homes. Reminds me of Hobbit style digs like here in New Zealand LOL. We are staying in a little house now on a farm. Technically not a tiny house but similar design elements. I need little space-wise to be happy.


    • traciehowe - Thanks, Ryan! I wish I could live with little space, but my equipment takes up a huge amount of it. Haha! The Hobbit style homes sound fun!ReplyCancel

  • janice listman - well done, I ‘ve been thinking about visiting Leavenworth tiny homesReplyCancel

  • Diana - Looks like a fun mini vacation!ReplyCancel

  • Jenn and Ed Coleman - I used to guide white water on the Wenatchee. The tiny house village seems like a really cute idea. You get to experiment with the tiny house lifestyle but go home (still married) afterwards. That is such a beautiful area.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Did you really? White water rafting is something I still have yet to do in Washington. I was thinking about adding that to my next Central/Eastern WA trip. Anyway, yes, you are right about being able to experiment with the tiny house as a vacation rental. Dave and I have entirely too much stuff to consider moving into one for good, but it’s perfectly sized space for a trip!ReplyCancel

  • Rob - I would love to try out a tiny house for a long weekend, this tiny house village looks fantastic very cute with the Bavarian styling, and so much to do in the area. I wish I had known about this before we left southern BC it would have made a fantastic road trip.
    What breed is Chex he is a beautiful dog.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks for your comment, Rob! Sorry you didn’t get to Washington state on that trip. Next time I hope! Chex is a mix, but his most prominent features come from the Cattle Dog in him. We adore him! :)ReplyCancel

  • Indrani - This is so different. Very creatively and thoughtfully made. There is a place for everyone and every thing. I wish I could stay here.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks, Indrani! Yes, I was impressed by how much thought was put into our tiny house!ReplyCancel

  • Pedro - Wow, that’s such a cool place to spend a few days away from it all! Tiny but very unique and with everything you need.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks, Pedro! It was the perfect little getaway for us. We really enjoyed it and certainly did have all we needed!ReplyCancel

  • Vasu Devan - The Leavenworth Tiny House Village truly is idyllic. I love the looks , both inside and outside, of these wheeled cottages. This obviously must give different feel to than RVs. Are these permanently placed here?ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks for your comment, Vasu! They certainly are appealing to look at inside and out. My understanding is that they have the potential to be moved, but they’re pretty much meant to stay here. I think moving them would require uprooting some things that are currently attached to the ground.ReplyCancel

  • Kirstie - I didn’t expect the interior of the houses to be so quaint. The wood is just beautiful. Not to mention that the view outside is amazing.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks for commenting, Kirstie! I agree with you completely! The wood smelled lovely too.ReplyCancel

  • Sandy N Vyjay - Leavenworth Tiny House Village looks so charming. The tiny house is sure compact but has everything one can need and the design is so elegant. It would be a wonderful experience to wake up in such a house and step out for the amazing views. The fact that the location is secluded from touristy areas but markets still accessible is indeed a great bonus. I am really charmed by these colourful little houses.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks, Sandy! They certainly are charming. And I agree that the location has it all. :)ReplyCancel

  • Barb - Wow, those tiny houses look amazing. It must have been such a fun experience to spend time in nature in those tiny houses. You are so lucky!ReplyCancel

  • Karla Ramos - I never thought a tiny house could have everything you need! So cute!! and the view outside is spectacular! The mountains are really fascinating!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks, Karla! Yes, the tiny house was well equipped and the surrounding mountains are pretty spectacular!ReplyCancel

  • Andre Zwanenburg - Thanks for the great review. My wife and I booked our trip to Otto today. Our Yorkie will love to go on a mini vacation. We have one question does the tiny house have a coffeemaker or water cooker? ThanksReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Hi Andre, thanks for your comment! I hope the post helped you make your decision to stay in Otto. I imagine your Yorkie will also be an adorable model! :) As for your question, yes, the tiny house does have a coffee maker. It also has a stove and pots, so you should be all set! Enjoy your stay!ReplyCancel

  • Layla - I haved stayed in a tiny house in redwoods of northern California and I agree I would defo recommend it to everyone! It looks so cozy and sharing it with a pup even better! Thanks for the awesome tips!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks for your comment, Layla! I bet the redwoods tiny house was amazing! What a cool place to stay in a tiny house!ReplyCancel

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