A photo essay of my Cameron Highlands tour highlights

Cameron Highlands has a lot to offer for a photo hungry traveler like myself. I was very interested in seeing the famous tea plantations that sculpt the landscape around this region in the mountains of Malaysia. What I found did not disappoint.

I first arrived with the intention to do some hikes through some of the rolling green hills, but I was advised not to do so alone for my own safety. Sadly, certain trails are not as safe as you might think for a solo hiker, so I didn’t want to take a risk. I was also told that most of the trails were in the woods, so it turned out that they wouldn’t have suited me anyway… I had already done a lot of jungle trekking prior to my visit to Cameron Highlands.

Instead of hiking, I decided to hire a taxi to take me to one of the tea plantations. I was already planning a tour of the famous Boh Tea Plantation the next day, so I asked him to take me to the lesser known Cameron Valley Tea Plantation. Even though this isn’t as popular as the Boh Plantation, I found it to be quite beautiful and perfect for a quick afternoon visit.

Cameron Valley Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands

The next day I joined a small tour with CS Travel & Tours, which started with a sunrise view from a nearby mountain. Before the sun came up, we could see the fog that had settled over the hills below. It was very nice, albeit pretty cold for Malaysia.

Cameron Highlands sunrise photoCameron Highlands sunrise photo

Afterwards, we climbed through the Mossy Forest. This wet jungle reminded me of Washington’s Hoh Rainforest with it’s trees full of dripping moss. The major difference was of course the native plants that are unique to this area of the world, like the carnivorous Pitcher Plants.

Cameron Highlands mossy forestPitcher Plant in Cameron Highlands mossy forest Cameron Highlands mossy forest

Finally, we ended the tour with some epic viewpoints over the Boh Tea Plantation. The sun was quite high at this point, but the hills below were still impossibly green. As the temperature quickly rose, I remember feeling sorry for the workers who would continue their work through the heat.

Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron HighlandsBoh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlandsphoto of Boh Tea Plantation in Cameron Highlands

Photos from Cameron Highlands in Malaysia


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