Photo highlights of 2017

As each year ends, I look back to reflect on what has happened with my travel photography.

This typically happens in post form after I’ve recovered from the holidays, or rather a “staycation” that I give myself. So here I am, as usual, over a week late…

This year was chock-full of huge changes for me! I finally got a new car after selling my old car of 20+ years. I got married!!! I broke my first bone. And I bought my first house!

It’s seriously been an insane year, and an expensive one at that! That’s why I wasn’t able to travel as much in 2017. I had grand plans to hike and travel closer to home, but my broken foot limited how much I could do. I still managed to visit some new places and shoot often, both at home and away.

So looking back on 2017, I am pleased to say that I have plenty of photos to share. These are my photo highlights of 2017. They are more or less in chronological order. Some you will find in other blog posts (see the links below photos) or social media posts, and some have never been seen before! Enjoy!

wild Elk Union Gap

Hundreds of wild Elk at their winter feeding station in Union Gap.

Union Gap snowmobiling

Our snowmobile adventure with Union Gap Tourism!

Owen Roe Winery Union Gap

The vineyards at Owen Roe Winery during our weekend trip to Union Gap.

Day 1 – A weekend of winter fun in Union Gap, WA

Day 2 – A weekend of winter fun in Union Gap, WA

Leavenworth Icicle River

The Icicle River that we found upon exploring a snow trail in Leavenworth.

Sleeping Lady cabin

A cozy cabin at Sleeping Lady Resort when we were invited up for a stay.

Tiny Beach sunset

The year wouldn’t be complete without at least one visit to my favorite Seattle beach, what I call “Tiny Beach”.

Space Needle rainbow

One of those epic photo moments, when the stars align! In this case, a rainbow and the Space Needle during a break in a storm!

Quest Field stadium

Quest Field stadium at dusk.

Jose Rizal Bridge at night

When shooting at the same places over and over again, it can be a challenge to find unique compositions. I find this especially true at Jose Rizal Bridge where you have to share the curved sidewalk with other photographers. I think I succeeded with this attempt.

The 5 best city viewpoints in Seattle

Skagit Valley Tulips bus

I always look for the school bus when I visit the Skagit Valley Tulips!

Bryce Canyon with snow

I’ve been to Bryce Canyon a few times, but I was excited to see snow there for the first time!

Antelope Canyon X

Antelope Canyon X, a less crowded alternative to the more famous Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons. ;)

Horseshoe Bend

Finally got to see this Southwest icon! Horseshoe Bend is worth a visit!

Monument Valley

I got my iconic Monument Valley photo, though not at the time of day that I wanted. I always seem to be going through there at weird times.

The best places for photography in the American Southwest

Mount Rainier sunset view

When the mountain “is out”, she often gives us quite a show!

Lopez Island view

Iceberg Point with friends on Lopez Island.

Seattle city viewpoint

I love my pretty city!

Seattle Great Wheel at Miner

The Seattle Great Wheel at Miner’s Landing.

A guide to the top 10 things to do in Seattle!

Los Cabos sunrise travel photography

Sunrise from Hacienda Encantada in Los Cabos, Mexico.

What to do with 3 days in Baja Sur?

La Paz sea lion swim

Dave making friends with a sea lion near La Paz. Visit the link below to learn more about that awesome adventure with Red Travel Mexico!

La Paz sea lion swim

This is where we swam with the sea lions, at Espiritu Santo Island.

Swimming with the sea lions – Red Travel Mexico

Third Beach Washington coast

One of many photos shot during our weekend to the Washington peninsula. Third Beach is one of my favorites!

Travel photography Third Beach

A glorious sunset over Third Beach during the same trip.

Woodland park zoo penguins and heron

An ungracious guest in the penguin exhibit at Woodland Park Zoo.

hippo at Woodland park zoo

A hippo smiling(?) at me at Woodland Park Zoo.

lion at Woodland park zoo

My favorite zoo model of the day.

Greenlake fall colors

A sunny fall day at Greenlake.

Snohomish rainbow

The view from our new house in Snohomish! I never thought I’d have a view!

Snohomish snow landscape

Just a short walk up the hill from my new house! This was our first white Christmas in almost 10 years!

Christmas ship festival Seattle

The annual Christmas ship festival grand finale that takes place at Gas Works Park. This year, I got together with several photography friends to photograph the event.


If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the other photos in the linked blog posts, and find me on Facebook and Instagram for even more.

Enjoy! And happy 2018!

photo highlights of 2017

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