Part 1: Only one day to visit New Orleans? What to do?

What to do with just one day in NOLA?

Dave and I spent about a week exploring New Orleans and the surrounding area, which gave us enough time to thoroughly enjoy the city, doing most of what we wanted to do. But what if you only had one day to visit New Orleans?

I think you could see a good amount of NOLA in just one day, but obviously more time is recommended. However, if you found yourself there for a short time and wondered what to do, I can tell you what I would do! Of course this will be subjective, based on my opinions, what I ended up doing, and what I wished I could have fit in.

one day visiting New Orleans

Hotel coffee, beignets, and a morning stroll

I am convinced that any trip to New Orleans is incomplete without a quick visit to Algiers Point, but since I’ve already gushed about that in a previous post, I will focus on spending time in the city center in this one.

Let’s assume for the sake of this post that this one day starts and ends in the French Quarter, the most iconic neighborhood of the city of New Orleans. I did in fact spend just one morning and one evening in the French Quarter at the Dauphine Orleans Hotel. Upon checking in, this hotel welcomes you with a friendly letter, a map of the area, and a pack of chocolates showcasing the hotel amenities on your pillow. The room is clean and simple, with a touch of historic charm.

Dauphine Orleans map

A nice map of the area provided by the hotel.

Dauphine Orleans Hotel chocolates

Delectable chocolates left on our pillows.

I admit that waking up in the heart of the city, steps away from the energy of the streets, was a much more convenient alternative to starting out in Algiers Point. You really can’t beat being IN the French Quarter and so close to the other districts. I really liked the feeling of opening up the shutters to reveal the bright morning and the early hustle and bustle going on in the street below. So much so, in fact, that I asked Dave to do the same so I could take a photo of it. :)

Morning at Dauphine Orleans Hotel

The hotel provides a continental breakfast, but I suggest skipping this to enjoy a local dish. After all, you only have one day, so you should take advantage of NOLA’s bounty of delicious food! The hotel’s coffee was good and I was delighted to find my favorite flavored creamer available. I took my coffee back to the room and joined Dave on the balcony for a little down time before starting our day.

from the balcony Dauphine Orleans Hotelfrom the balcony Dauphine Orleans Hotel

Relaxing on our balcony at Dauphine Orleans Hotel

A snapshot of my boots while sipping coffee on the balcony.

After you are fully caffeinated, I would recommend a stroll through the French Quarter. Being so close to all the action, it’s hard not to explore right away. The mornings are nice, because things aren’t too busy yet, allowing you to fully take in the sights. It’s a little quieter, but there is still the palpable energy of a city waking up. Make your way through the streets, check out the antique shops, appreciate the unique architecture, and maybe even pop in to see a Bevolo lantern being hand-crafted. There are so many interesting things to find by just walking around this fascinating city! When you’re done exploring, make sure you grab a quick breakfast at one of the many beignet shops, such as Cafe Beignet or Cafe Du Monde.

one day to visit New Orleans

one day to visit New Orleans -3one day to visit New Orleans Bevolo lanterns

one day to visit New Orleans Cafe Beignet

When you’ve got a belly full of beignets, check out the St Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square. This popular spot for tourists and vendors is very pretty and well worth a stop. It’s a center for activity, so you may find some street performers to entertain you or a palm reader to tell you your future. We happened upon the end of a wedding ceremony one day, which was a delight to see being wedding photographer myself! This one turned into a jazz band parade, led down the street by the dancing bride and groom. It made me desperately want to photograph a destination wedding in New Orleans!

one day to visit New Orleans Jackson Square

New Orleans destination wedding photographer

Lunch at the French Market, mid-afternoon break, and a tour

After you’ve taken in Jackson Square, begin walking along the riverfront towards the French Market. If you’re tired of walking, hop in a horse drawn carriage as a more luxurious alternative, or can catch the riverfront streetcar for a novel experience.

one day to visit New Orleans carriage ride

I think he really wanted me to take a carriage ride. Maybe next time, Buddy!

one day to visit New Orleans street car

The French Market reminded me of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, but not as crowded. There are rows of vendors selling all kinds of goods from flea market items and crafts to produce, all depending on what day of the week you go. I found souvenir shopping much more pleasant here than in any of the stores. Plenty of restaurants are nearby, so this might be a good place to have lunch. During our visit, we each enjoyed yet another plate of fried seafood at the Gazebo Cafe. You can also get a bloody Mary or a boozy shake to go if you need a little pick me up!

one day to visit New Orleans at French Market

one day to visit New Orleans -2

Once you’re satisfied and ready to move on, catch any means of transportation back to your hotel. Maybe take a refreshing afternoon dip to cool off. I only wish we could have done so, but it was too cold during our visit in January.

Dauphine Orleans pool

After this short break, make your way to whatever tour you may have booked. Haunted History Tours provides all kinds from ghost tours to cemetery tours to Voodoo culture tours. We chose the cemetery tour, but I’m sure they all would have provided a fascinating glimpse into NOLA history and culture. If you really want a full sampling of what NOLA has to offer, consider heading out of town a little ways for a swamp tour. We took one with Cajun Encounters (who also happen to provide many other tours and services inside and outside of New Orleans), but I would recommend having more time to fit this in, or at least committing the rest of your day to this awesome experience.

*All opinions and photos are my own and based on my experiences. Dauphine Orleans provided a discounted rate for our stay, but I was not financially compensated for this post.

Part 2…

Visit New Orleans in one day

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  • Roaming Renegades - Wow, looks like you fit a lot into a day. We have often done that with a few places and I think if you plan ahead and start early you can make a good day of it. Often you wish you could have stayed longer but you have to make the most of what time you have. New Orleans is one of those cities we really can’t wait to visit, the mixture of cultures, history and music make it look very unique and energetic.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - We didn’t do all of these things in one day, but I think we could have. It would have been a tiring day, but if you push yourself you can definitely fit in a lot to one day. I’m glad we did have longer there, but I agree that you have to make the most of your time in a place. I hope you get to visit NOLA soon!ReplyCancel

  • Betsy Wuebker - A great run-through of fun activities that are sure to whet the appetite for more NOLA. Your photos are wonderful. We’ve never been, so it was nice to see a more intimate look at things as opposed to the shenanigans of Mardi Gras. :)ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks Betsy! That was my intention. Before planning the trip I knew more or less about the culture and about Mardi Gras, but that’s about it. I’m glad this post is useful!ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Such a great idea offering tips and ideas (accompanied by some more of your beautiful photos).

    It is often so hard gleaning useful information from some blogs.

    Still can’t come to terms with the North American practice of cream or creamer in coffee however… ;-)ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Oh thanks, Chris! I hope that this was a useful post.

      You don’t use any cream in your coffee? I guess I never noticed how people drank their coffee in Australia when I was there.ReplyCancel

  • Natalie Deduck - Hey Tracie!!
    What a lovely pictures and city!! I didn’t travel to the USA yet, and everytime I read your posts I keep thinking we should travel to North America, and of course visit New Orleans!
    Nat :-)ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thank you Natalie! Definitely visit North America! Hopefully I’ll also be doing some international posts one of these days too. ;)ReplyCancel

  • Part 2: Only one day to visit New Orleans? What to do? - […] There is so much you can do in just one day when visiting New Orleans, that I had to break up my suggestions into two posts. Be sure to read Part 1 here. […]ReplyCancel

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