10 Photos to Inspire you to Travel to Seattle

Introducing 5 Photos Friday!

First off, welcome to my first 5 Photos Friday post! I’m excited to introduce this new series, because I like the idea of inspiring people to travel through photography, and I have plenty of inspiring photos from my travels. It’s a way for me to collect a few nice photos and share them under one travel relevant topic, via a short and sweet blog post. You can look forward to it every Friday! At least that’s the plan!

Starting off with 10 photos

To kick off 5 Photos Friday, I’m already going to break my rule by posting 10 photos. It’s about inspiring you to travel to Seattle, and since I live here, I have A LOT of photos and I had to share more than 5. I even turned to my Facebook Page for some help narrowing them down from 12. Granted I asked for help a bit too late and while taking the few votes into consideration, I have ultimately decided on the 10 to show here. I appreciate those votes that I did receive, but I can’t base my decision off of just a few… this is serious stuff, ya know! ;)

10 photos to inspire you to travel to Seattle

I’ve been all over the world, but Seattle is the place I’ve chosen to make my home. There are many reasons for this, but one big reason is that it is beautiful here! Seattle is so close to the mountains and the ocean, and there are so many outdoor activities to do here. The city itself is also one of the prettiest modern cities I have ever seen.

I have come to know many great spots for photography and I have captured many beautiful moments. Here are just a few of those, gathered here to inspire you to travel to Seattle! Don’t be surprised if I have to post another set of Seattle photos in an upcoming 5 Photos Friday.

photos to Inspire you to Travel to Seattle

The city from Seacrest Park in West Seattle.

Seattle travel inspiration

Fall foliage at a bridge in the Washington Park Arboretum

Seattle travel inspiration

Just after sunset at the West Point Lighthouse in Discovery Park

Seattle Travel inspiration-2

The city from the top of Kite Hill in Gasworks Park

Seattle Travel inspiration

A foggy morning at the Sky View Observatory in the Columbia Tower.

Seattle landscape photographer

From Seattle’s most famous viewpoint, Kerry Park.

EMP and Space Needle from below

Below the Space Needle, the EMP, and the Monorail at Seattle Center.


secret Seattle beach

This one is my secret. I like to call it Tiny Beach. Besides, I don’t know the actual name of this place.

Sunset somewhere along Alki Point.

Sunset somewhere along Alki Point.

Just after sunset from Columbia Tower

Just after sunset from Columbia Tower’s Sky View Observatory.

Be sure to check out my second collection of Seattle photos in this follow up post: 10 (MORE) Photos to Inspire you to Visit Seattle .

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10 photos to inspire you to visit Seattle

  • Sandrine - Your picture of the train in Seattle is just amazing, I love it ! The others are good too, but I find this one very personnal.ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Oh thank you, Sandrine! The monorail is such an icon of Seattle and I wanted to capture it in a different way than what I had seen before. I actually have another one that features the monorail and the EMP without the Space Needle that I like more, but most people would enjoy this one with the Space Needle. ;) I appreciate your comment!ReplyCancel

  • Gabor Kovacs - Wow, really amazing and inspiring shots, I especially love the foggy one! Want to visit Seattle one day for sure!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Thanks Gabor! The foggy one is one of my favorites too. Glad you like it! I hope you get a chance to visit someday. It really is a wonderful city!ReplyCancel

  • Andrea Ata - Stumbled this because you have absolutely captivated me with these incredible shots! Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Revati - I have family in Seattle. Family that I’ve never met. And these pictures make me wish I could visit them now!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Nice! Well you definitely should then. Having many excuses to visit a place is one step closer to actually doing it! :)ReplyCancel

  • Wiebke - I love of all them, but the Lighthouse in particular. Going to Seattle in November, very excited!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - Oh, thank you! There are a couple of lighthouse in and around Seattle, but all take a little extra work to get to. Let me know if you need any help finding them!ReplyCancel

  • Shannon - SoleSeeking - Wow, these photos ARE enough to convince me to visit Seattle! Only recently I was talking to a friend about how I didn’t get a huge feel for it during a day trip there, but now I feel like I should give it a second (and longer) chance.ReplyCancel

  • Leigh - I seriously cant wait to visit! We will more than likely be there in November! So excited!ReplyCancel

    • traciehowe - That’s awesome, Leigh! I hope we’re sporting some decent weather while you’re here so you can see the best of these views. Fingers crossed! Let me know if you need any help or photo tips for the area! :)ReplyCancel

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